Love my New Orleans shoots!  I knew Josh from the good ole' days at Newman School.  Hadn't seen him in ages and was delighted to spend the morning with him and Carli and his new baby, Julian.  The especially cool thing about this shoot was the house!  Josh and Carli have an amazing mid century modern home in Lake Vista and it is decorated perfectly!  I felt like I had walked onto the set of Mad Men.   The originality of the setting paired with the beautiful light and adorable little munchkin made for fantastic session.  So excited to be going back to Nola in a few weeks for Mardi Gras!!

Reagan and Sawyer

Hey everyone!  Finally blogging again after a long and super busy fall, and I can't wait to share all I captured this season.  First off, I wanted to post this amazing fall newborn shoot.  I've been friends with the Clonts' for years and couldn't wait to get them in front of my camera again to capture their new baby boy.  The foliage on their property was majestic and Sawyer added so much love and personality to the session.  I have some shots of her just one year ago in my portfolio and I can't believe how quickly she has grown!!  Reagan was a dream and slept through most of the excitement.  Second children are always more 'go with the flow'!

William and Elizabeth

These two were a delight to shoot.  William could not have been calmer and Elizabeth was so gentle with him and brought lots of personality.  One of my favorite parts about shooting in the home is the decor!  It's always so fun to embrace the aesthetic of the room and highlight interesting pieces.  I loved the chair (shown below) and navy patterned rug as stand alone items to shoot with baby.  As an added bonus, we started to see some fall foliage in the backyard for those pics.  Love this time of year!


Ethan was so very sleepy!  He is probably the first newborn I ever shot who didn't want to wake up at all.  It made the shoot go very smoothly, but when we tried to wake him to do some open eye pictures, he got a little grouchy (I feel ya, buddy).  I loved the simple pieces and soothing tones that we used for most of the shoot.  Leah's grass is so green and perfect that we had to incorporate a little color, though:)  Seriously, their grass is amazing.


Liliana was born into a music loving family.  Her Dad, JP, is a musician and was stoked about fitting his baby girl in his drum set.  I loved the idea!  I was really impressed by how soothing this house was when I walked in.  It was immaculate, there were candles burning and acoustic music softly playing throughout.  I felt like I was walking into a spa instead of the home of a newborn!  It made for a very relaxing shoot with a sweet and calm baby.


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Marcus and Oliver

We did this session when Oliver was about 1 month old and big brother already is adoring him. Marcus was thrilled to hold him for the pics of the two of them.  So much so, that he threw a bit of a fuss when Mom took baby back.  One cool thing about this shoot was the house.  The architecture was super unique and unexpected.  I particularly loved Marcus' room with the enormous oval window.  Great environment for inspiration!

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Ace's shoot was so fun because of the cool props and undeniably masculine feel.  Dad ushered me into his office stating that we had to get at least one shot on his western saddle.  It was fantastic!  Abby was the one who came up with using the Ace bucket to play on his name.  Once in there, he fit in so perfectly with the surrounding tools in the yard.  He was a super easy going baby, just like his parents:)  Congrats Abby and Seth!

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I got to shoot Aiden when he was in town visiting his baby cousin Reese.  After we wrapped up with the newborn session we jumped right in with him and his so sweet suspenders!!  He was loving snuggling with Mom, but when we tried to shoot him outside he had had enough!:)

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Owen is a new little addition to the St. Louis side of my hub's family.  I got to shoot Hannah, Brian and Owen while up for a weekend visit.  The great thing about this family session was all the funny faces we got out of the little man and Hannah looked so joyful and amazing.  Beautiful Mom and beautiful family:)

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I got to shoot little baby Reese last week and she was so good and so very sleepy which made for some splendid shots.  The afternoon light was gorgeous so I think my favorites were of her in the basket in the backyard looking like a gift the fairies left!  P.S.  I wish our grass looked like their grass.  

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This was my third shoot for this wonderful family and it's been a delight every time.  Zoey was just 4 days old, but still a very strong and wakeful little thing.  It took lots of patience and soothing to get her to doze off for a few shots!

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Baby Hannah 6 weeks

I loved the natural feel of this shoot.  The light in this house was a amazing and it made the moments really shine.  These girls were so grown up and gentle with the new baby and Hannah was a perfect model. 

Tiny toes
Nose to nose
Family tickle
Photo with a lovie
Big sissies love Hannah
Tiny tush with ruffles
Bright eyes

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