Bree and Sloan

What a perfect afternoon shoot at PCM!  The girls could not have been better behaved and their sparkling personalities really came through.  Thank you Shannon for supporting the Preschool by bidding on the shoot!


Mickey Lynn

I love this jewelry!!  Had a fantastic product shoot for Mickey Lynn jewelry with Kristin Brock modeling.  I have multiple pieces and definitely need more for my collection.  Check out her site at!!


Valerie + Marc | Silver City Farm

What a beautiful wedding day at Silver City Farm!  This crowd was so lively and warm and, surprisingly, the weather was really cool for a May celebration.  The property had a unique and charming quality with lots of vintage accent pieces and a gorgeous barn dance hall, sparkling with string lights.  It was perfect night for a country party and everyone had a ball.  Thanks for letting me be a part of it, Marc and Valerie!


Katharine and Caroline

This was my second shoot for Annie and I can't believe how big the girls have gotten in just a year!  It was my first time exploring one of the Roswell Historic Homes, at Annie's request, and it could not have been more perfect.  We got nothing but beautiful smiles in a perfect setting.  Can't wait for our next session!


Malena and Macie

Beautiful morning with a wonderful family!  I've known Danielle for about 15 years now (yikes!!!!!) and she is one of the most real and soulful people in my life.  In fact, I kind of met my husband through her - thanks babe!  Tim is equally coolio and these girls are too cute (just look at those outfits!).  The great thing about where we were for this shoot is the space to run.  It leaves plenty of room for real personality to come out and we saw lots of it:)



Love my New Orleans shoots!  I knew Josh from the good ole' days at Newman School.  Hadn't seen him in ages and was delighted to spend the morning with him and Carli and his new baby, Julian.  The especially cool thing about this shoot was the house!  Josh and Carli have an amazing mid century modern home in Lake Vista and it is decorated perfectly!  I felt like I had walked onto the set of Mad Men.   The originality of the setting paired with the beautiful light and adorable little munchkin made for fantastic session.  So excited to be going back to Nola in a few weeks for Mardi Gras!!

Asher, Joseph and Jacob

Love this crew!!  My first photo session with Vicky was when she was pregnant with her first and now look how big her younger twins are!  The years they are a'flyin'.  We had absolutely perfect weather for our equestrian shoot.  Looooooved Vicky's soft touch selection with the fairy skirt.  Perfect pairing with the denim!!  The boys were so well behaved and showed lots of spunky personality.  Can't wait to see you all again soon, Cliftons!


Brittany + Phillip married!

A beautiful fall wedding!!  Brittany and Phillip got married at Ashton Gardens on the GA vs. GA Tech game day.  They have a house divided and the big win by GA Tech made the bride especially cheerful!  On the way from the bride's house to the venue we passed a beautiful field at sunset and we had the whole caravan stop to shoot that perfect setting.  The event was a blast and the dance floor was worn out at the end.  Congrats to happy couple!


Reagan and Sawyer

Hey everyone!  Finally blogging again after a long and super busy fall, and I can't wait to share all I captured this season.  First off, I wanted to post this amazing fall newborn shoot.  I've been friends with the Clonts' for years and couldn't wait to get them in front of my camera again to capture their new baby boy.  The foliage on their property was majestic and Sawyer added so much love and personality to the session.  I have some shots of her just one year ago in my portfolio and I can't believe how quickly she has grown!!  Reagan was a dream and slept through most of the excitement.  Second children are always more 'go with the flow'!

Parker and Kate

I've known Margaux since our days at UGA.  She was an overachiever then (Pres of Kappa) and still is now (Medical Director at CHOA).  Not to mention Mommy extraordinaire.  Her son, Parker, is in my son's class in preschool so I have the pleasure of getting to visit with them often.  Part 1 of this session was just a little dicey.  If you scroll to the last picture you can get a glimpse.  Poor Kate was up all night with a cold and not feeling her best.  When we gave it another try she was back to her normal self of smiles and personality.  Parker was a very supportive and sweet big brother throughout. Such a fun and photogenic pair!

William and Elizabeth

These two were a delight to shoot.  William could not have been calmer and Elizabeth was so gentle with him and brought lots of personality.  One of my favorite parts about shooting in the home is the decor!  It's always so fun to embrace the aesthetic of the room and highlight interesting pieces.  I loved the chair (shown below) and navy patterned rug as stand alone items to shoot with baby.  As an added bonus, we started to see some fall foliage in the backyard for those pics.  Love this time of year!

Eli and Noah

I know this family from my son's elementary school and Grace, the Mom, is one of the most active in the PTA, the basketball team Mom, a volunteer extraordinaire and an affiliate for EVER skin care which is why her face looks amazing.   Not only that, but she has the most wonderful two boys and happy family vibe!  They requested an 'urban' feel for their shoot, which immediately drew me toward the Westside, which is a super convenient and dynamic venue.  We had to get creative with our positioning though because it was packed with people waiting for Taqueria del Sol (yummmmmy)!

Julia and Elise

I look forward to shooting the McArthurs every year.  Julia used to be in preschool with my Charlie and it is crazy to see how big they've gotten!  We went down to Ponce City Market to enjoy the colorful backdrops and view of the city.  We got off to a shaky start when Elise fell right before the shoot started, but she's a tough cookie and carried on with lots of smiles:)  They are a sassy pair and since I have all boys in my house, it's a treat to have some girl time!


Ethan was so very sleepy!  He is probably the first newborn I ever shot who didn't want to wake up at all.  It made the shoot go very smoothly, but when we tried to wake him to do some open eye pictures, he got a little grouchy (I feel ya, buddy).  I loved the simple pieces and soothing tones that we used for most of the shoot.  Leah's grass is so green and perfect that we had to incorporate a little color, though:)  Seriously, their grass is amazing.